Thursday, November 22, 2012

Airports & Security

Security varies from one airport to the next as well as country to country.  In the Bangalore airport women go thru a separate security screening behind a curtain, but our belongings are in one general x-ray screening area.  What exactly happens behind the curtain?  The area is about the size of a small department store dressing room.  There is a platform where the traveler stands & a small table for the security personnel.  As I stand on the platform in the usual position with feet & hands apart, she checks a sheet of names & verifies that I’m not on the list.  I am wanded over & have to pull up my pants leg as well to be sure nothing is hiding at my ankles.  Finally I’m released to gather my belongings.

As I am waiting for my flight I notice the airport is very open.  Some birds have flown in & are making themselves comfortably at home in the drinking fountain as if it is their person bird bath.  Although one does not usually leave their bags unattended, I saw quite a bit of it happening in this airport.  People would leave their luggage alone in a given spot & return after grabbing food, drink, etc.  It was a bit puzzling as I would not leave my bags when traveling alone as they may not be there when I return.

Finally it was time to board the plane.  As I am boarding the guard asks to see what is in my duty free bag.  He looks in the bag & scolds me for not having the receipt visible in the bag; I had the receipt in my pocket so that I wouldn’t lose it.  I put the receipt back in my pocket & proceed forward in the line.  Again I get stopped by the second guard less than 20ft away & we repeat the scenario of looking in my bag & getting scolded for the receipt.  Huh?!?  Guess he did not hear the other guard tell me the exact same thing.

Once I arrived in Dubai, I observed the passport control operations.  Interesting, this country takes safety & security very seriously.  Each person’s photo is taken and depending on the country of origin an eye scan may be done as well.

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  1. Hmm.. guards 20 feet apart doing the same things? Must be a union thing.