Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Leela Palace

The Leela is a beautiful hotel.  The staff has been amazing, the room is luxurious & the food is fabulous.  I love the cozy bathrobe & the slippers are a nice touch too.  The breakfast is excellent!  I had the same breakfast yesterday & today because it was so good, tomorrow I’ll have to try something else.  The French toast is amazing!  They even cut the crust off and the creamy orange sauce, yum!  Manu is my morning waiter, his shift started after I went in for breakfast today, but he made a point to stop at my table to check in and see how I was doing.  He informed me of the lounge activities, mid-morning snacks @ 11:30, high tea @ 3:00, cocktails @ 6:00.  If I gain any weight, I’m blaming it on Linus.

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