Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chukum Tacos & Coconut Water

Lunchtime Risk Taking...

For Tuesday lunch, Sushant took us to a little bitty shop called "chukum chukum".  Not a typical place I would have found myself.  They serve wraps, almost like an Indian taco/burrito.  There is no formal dining room, just 1 small outside table, and several chairs on the sidewalk.  We ordered our chicken & veggie wraps and settled in to the one outside table.  The food was quite tasty.  The outside atmosphere was noisy, the guy in the building next door was running a saw to cut wood to repair his stairs.  Ritesh, I tried Thumbs Up.  It was not as I was expecting, its a much stronger cola taste.

After lunch we walked across the road to the guy with the coconut cart.  Fresh coconut water, I can't believe Karthik talked me into drinking it.  I was amazed with this guy's cutting skills!  He did all the cutting with a very sharp sickle with the coconut in his bare hands.  After drinking the water he took the coconut back & chopped it further to allow it to dry out.


  1. Wednesday: Dear diary, today i spent most of my day in the toilet. I hate risk taking.

    1. LOL. Linus - Looking forward to seeing your blog posts about Guadalaraja.