Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Diwali

The city was lit so beautifully for the holiday.  Monday night I was excited to see a fireworks display from my balcony.  I saw many larger fireworks that are not allowed in CA.

I spent Tuesday evening with Sushant, Deepti and Karthik.  It was really enjoyable to be a part of the festivities, thank you.  After a very good dinner that Sushant made, we went outside to light a few sparklers.  The neighborhood had been setting off [fire]crackers for 2 days and the pavement looked like a fun mess.  The cleaning crew will be quite busy when the celebrations are over.  Once we were back in the house Deepti presented her chocolate cake.  It was the first cake made in her new oven.  It was so moist & delicious, inspiring me to bake again when I return home.

Even on Wednesday the [fire]crackers could still be heard throughout the day & night.

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