Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Taxi Ride

After locating my luggage it was time to tackle the taxi ride.  As I walked out in search of the taxi counter I had my celebrity paparazzi moment.  I was bombarded by several men all in hopes of wooing me into their cab, “Madam, air conditioned taxi”.  I picked one at random, paid the fees & headed to the lot.  I would be riding in the most decorated car in the lot, the hood was adorned with a flower necklace, almost like a lei.  I was so tired, forgot that the cars were designed on the opposite side that I almost sat in the driver seat.  Finally we were on our way to Leela.  My experienced driver of 17 years chose not to wear his seat belt; I was taking no chances & buckled up.  The traffic is not as congested at 4am, but still busy.  There were many drivers on the roads and buses were full of passengers.  Driving seemed very chaotic, there are lanes, not always used as intended, but somehow it works.  My driver loved honking his horn; I lost count after about 100 honks.  The drive to Leela was like being in a video game & having to dodge the nearby obstacles, entertaining & frightening at the same time.

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  1. From what I heard, the lanes one the road are more guidelines than rules. Also the honking of the horn isn't meant to tell other cars to move over but more to signal one's presence to others.