Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday in Bangalore

I had a really amazing day seeing Bangalore.  I took a cab & met Karthik in the city.  We started with the open market.  I was immediately blasted by a variety of colors and scents; the fragrance of the assorted fresh flowers, the brightly colored spices, the sweet smell of fruit, and the aroma of herbs.

Next up, shopping.  We jumped into a rickshaw and headed to the Mantri mall.  The ride was quite thrilling, dodging thru the traffic and coming within centimeters of other drivers.  Along the route I saw goats, chickens & a donkey.  For a brief moment along one road we got a whiff of some flavorful street food wafting thru the air.  Finally we arrived at the Mantri mall and began shopping.  Karthik used his bargaining skill to get me several good deals.  I came out happy with many shopping bags.

We followed up with a visit to the Iskcon Temple.  From the mall we hopped into a rickshaw for another exhilarating ride; along this route we got a whiff of some freshly made bread drifting thru the air.  Upon our arrival at the temple I was in awe at its size and beauty.  At the base entrance we were required to stow our belongings including shoes and camera.  I did not want to relinquish my camera so I forced to smuggle it in.  We climbed dozens of steps to reach the main temple entrance.  Upon entry, the fragrance of incense and the chanting of prayer were immediately noticeable. We obtained a viewing spot close to the platform where the services were performed.  Once the services were thru we headed out.  I left with a sense of serenity & peace.

Now it was time to grab another rickshaw and proceed to Karthik’s family house for dinner.  The grandparents, aunt, uncle & cousins gave me a warm welcome as we waited for Sushant and Deepti to arrive.  Karthik’s grandparents are simply adorable, their charming spirit made me smile.  To pass the time, old family photos were brought out to share many proud moments and embarrass Karthik just a bit.  Dinner was amazing!  Move over Mylapore, Karthik’s aunt is a fabulous cook.  From poori to dosa to biryani and an array of many other dishes, I was bursting at the seams. 

All things considered, I had a spectacular day in Bangalore!


  1. Your experience with Bangalore is soooo much better than mine was. Wondering what I did wrong now. I only even caught the aroma of cows and car exhaust as I travelled....

  2. What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing with us the beauty of Bangalore. Next time I go, I'm dying my hair red.
    Maybe that will help.